The New Orleans Ragtime Festival presents The New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra

This event has passed.

The New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra is an American revival orchestra that performs authentic orchestrations of vintage American popular music from the 1890s through the early 1930s. Taking its name from the SS Leviathan, a transatlantic ocean liner with a well-regarded dance band at the start of the 1920s, the orchestra was founded in 1972. Their first performance was at Tulane University, presenting a rather tongue-in-cheek concert of the “best loved Oriental Foxtrots” (a then largely forgotten early 20th century dance music genre), partially satirizing the then current revival of scholarly interest in classic ragtime. The exact personnel of the orchestra vary, but is it frequently features 18 or more pieces.

The New Orleans Ragtime Festival is dedicated to promoting the musical legacy of the ragtime movement through performance and education.

New Marigny Theater Church of the Arts and Sciences

2301 Marais St.
New Orleans, La 70117